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大学英语对话短文篇一:(for students)2013—2014学年第二学期大学英语(四)普本口语考试 及对话答案



Directions: In the following, there are 10 given situations. You’re asked to draw lots to choose one situation and create a dialog with your partner. The dialogue must go at least 6-10 turns.

1. A looks depressed and his/her close frie(转载于:www.nmgsyfdc.com.cn 蒲 公 英 文 摘:大学英语对话短文)nd B asks him/her why. A says that he/she had a series of unfortunate things come into his/her life: His girl/her boy friend just left him/her; his/her wallet was stolen; and he/she got bad grades in many courses. B tries to comfort A and cheers him/her up.

2. A tells B that she is going to have her nose fixed, her teeth straightened and her single-folded eyelids made double-folded in order to get a good job. B thinks that A is beautiful already and there is no need for her to undergo a face-lift. B believes that abilities and confidence carry more weights than physical appearances.

3. A and B are talking about an earthquake they just experienced. A looks frightened and B tries to comfort him / her. They check for the damages the earthquake brought about and come up with some ways to cope with it.

4. A is a salesman who often supplies products for an electronic company. Now he is calling B, the secretary of the company, to arrange a meeting with her boss, Mr. Smith, so that he can introduce a new product to him. They decide to meet at ten on this Friday, but later B calls back to inform A that something unexpected comes up and her boss has to cancel the meeting. Finally they reschedule it on next Monday morning.

5. A, the PR manager of a company, is interviewing a candidate, B, who wants to switch from his/her original company to this one. A asks B some questions about his/her educational background, working experience and the reasons for choosing this company, and B gives his/her answers politely. At last, A decides to give B three months’ probation (试用期).

6. A asks B why people say “knock on wood” when they want to avoid bad luck. B explains that it has something to do with ancient Celts who thought trees could suck demons back into the ground. A feels strange that so many people are superstitious. B holds the view that one’s fate is linked to his or her attitude to life rather than superstitions.

7. A sees B is reading travel brochures. B tells A that he/she is planning a trip abroad in May, but he/she can not make up his/her mind on the two tours offered: one to big American cities; the other to Europe. B proposes the trip to Europe where one can experience different languages, architecture, food and customs. A agrees with B’s suggestion.

8. A and B are discussing why some people protest genetically modified (GM) foods though many people suffer from starvation around the world and why GM foods should be labeled. Their reasons are given as follows: GM foods may be unsafe; GM fish are abnormally large, etc.

9. A news article claims the rapid growth of China’s foreign trade. A wonders how the foreign trade can grow so fast and B explains the reasons. Furthermore, B also gives account for the benefits and potential problems that China’s joining the WTO has brought about. A can not help admiring B’s wide knowledge.

10. A finds that American people walk faster than people in China. His/her friend B tells him/her that Americans treasure the time, and shows several examples of how the sense of time affects American lifestyle. A remains puzzled about the differences between American and Chinese notions of time. B believes that globalization and intercultural communication will bridge the gap.



一、 试题设计 (Test Design)

关于海南师范大学2012级普通本科班学生第四学期大学英语口语考试, 现初步拟定采用以下设计方案。

1. 考试内容:(题型;方式;题目数量;约占时间)

本次口语考试形式为Dialogue,学生通过抽签选择其中一个情景进行对话。考试内容涉及10 个口语话题,具体内容和要求如下:

1) 情景对话 (Dialogues) (共10个情景)。

2) 对话要求至少6—10个来回。


2. 具体操作: (Test Procedures)


二、评分标准 (Assessment Criteria)

1. 口语考试以百分制计分,满分为100分;该成绩占期末总评成绩10%。

2. 依据1) 语音、语调;2) 语言;3) 内容;4) 流利程度四项要求进行总体评分,每10


90至100分: 回答内容含9句到10句话或以上,语音语调标准,表达内容、语法和词




80至89分: 回答内容含8-10句话或以上,语音语调较好,允许有个别发音错误;表



70至79分: 回答内容含7-10句话或以上,发音尚可,语法和词汇有一些错误但未影响



60至69分: 回答内容含6-10句话或以上,语法和词汇有较多错误,表达过程中词汇不



60分以下: 回答内容少于6句话或6句话以上,语法和词汇有较多错误,以致妨碍理



3. 答题时间超过3分钟者酌情扣5—10分。



B:You look so bad.What happened?


B:Come on.Talk to me.

A:Everything.My boyfriend left me;my wallet was stolen;I got bad grades in my courses. B:Don’t worry.I’ll help you solve the biggest problem:finding you a new boyfriend.

A:Forget it.I was told that I’d have to repeat a lot of courses next year.When I heard that,I almost lost it.

B:Look,relax.I’ll help you with those courses.

A:Yeah,but I also have three weeks laundry to do,and my room is pigsty.

B:Forget it.You’re on you own.

A:Come on.What are friends for?

B:To keep you in high spirits,not to your laundry.


A: Hey, John. I’m going to Korea next holiday.

B: Oh, Nora, that sounds good! Korea is a suitable country for traveling. Where do you want to go?

A: No no no, I’m not going to there for travel, I’m going to have some cosmetic surgery. B: I’ m floored! You are beautiful already. I can’t understand.

A: I know what you mean. I want to have my nose fixed, it’s not a fashionable one, and then a teeth-straightened, because I expect a perfect smile.

B: No, I would ever recognize you if you do these. I don’t think it’s really necessary.

A: Actually. I will not go as far as being out of recognized, I just change a little. And I also want to make my single-folded eyelids into double-folded. That’s all.

B: I see you point. But you are gorgeous enough, what’s for?

A: I want to get a better job.

B: You think a better physical appearance would improve the chance of getting a good job? A: Yeah! Don’t you think so? More beauty means more power.

B: How can you say that.I believe that If you want to get ahead of others, you should be more confident and more capable, not more beautiful.


A: Hi, Tom, what we have gone through just now is an earthquake, isn’t it?

B: Yes, it must be.

A: Are you feeling good?

B: I am fine. But you look frightened. How are you?

A:To be frank, I am frightened. It’s the first time that I have went through an earthquake. B:So am I. How big the earthquake is.

A: I agree with you. When the earthquake happens, I was nerves and thinking maybe I will dead in


B: Don’t be so silly. Take a deep breath, all is well.

A: Thank you to comfort me. It’s so kind of you.

B: It’s nothing. The earthquake ruins a lot of buildings. Let’s check up what we have lost in this


A: Just look at the ruins. What we should check is what we still have after the earthquake. B:Yes, you are right. And now you think what should we do?

A: The first is the water and food, we need clean water and food. Then, we need to find a place to live in the coming days.

B: I think the government will organize the shelter place. Let’s go and find out where it is. A: I agree with you. Let’s go to find it. But, before we go, let me have a rest first.

B: Ok, I think I need take a breath too.


A: Hello, my name is Bob, I’m a salesmen and I often supply product to your company. B: Hi, I know something about you. What can I do for you?

A: Because our company has a new product recently day, so I want to introduce a product to your boss.

B: So you want to have a meeting with our boss?

A: Yes, and when your boss have a time to meet with me?

B: Let me see, how about this Friday?

A: Ok, no problem. Thank you!

B: You’re welcome.


B: This is Jack, I have a bad news to you.

A: what is happen?

B: Something unexpected comes up and our boss has to cancel the meeting, I’m very sorry to say that bad news to you.

A: It doesn’t matter, but we should decide a new time to have a meeting.

B: Oh, our boss have thought a new time, how about next Monday morning?

A: I’m ok. I hope we can have a good talk next meet.

B: Me too, so let’s meet again next Monday morning. Good bye!

A: Bye.


A:Bill,tell me about you last job.What kinds of work did you do?

B:Market investigation,sales promotion,after-services,risk analysis,investment planning-to name just a few.

A:Why did you leave?

B:Downsizing.The company wasn’t performing efficientiy.It’s been operating at a loss.So,the only solution was to cut surplus employees.

A:oh,please talk about your education background.

B:I am graduated from Hainan normal university.During the school,I take part in various activities and do a lot of part-time job.

A:Why do you think our corporation makes a good career move for you?

B:My experience at the last company is completely transferable to you company and you corporation have a good reputation.

A:Ok,I will give you three mouths’ probation.Hope you have a good performance.

B:Thank you.I won’t let you down.


A: Hey! What are you reading about?

B: Hello, this is a book talks about the ancient history.

A: Oh, really, can I ask you several questions which puzzled me for a long time.

B: Sure, I am happy to answer if I know.

A: Why people say“knock on the wood”when they want to avoid bad luck?

B: Let me see, all right, according to the book, knocking on the wood has a lot to do with ancient Celts who thought trees could suck demons back to the ground.

A: Oh, I see. In other word, it is related to the thought of superstitious. Honestly, I’m confused that why many people is superstitious.

B: Yeah, what you said makes sense. Some people do believe supernatural things. They consider that their lives are being controlled by something mysterious

A: That’s right. I don’t believe it at all. So what’s your attitude towards your fate?

B: In my opinion, our fates have a lot to do with our attitudes, you know, it is a positive attitude that does matters.


A: Hi, Bill, What are you doing?

B: Oh, look at the travel brochures, how beautiful the scenery is!

A: Great! How I wish I can fly to those places!

B: I’m planning a trip abroad in May. There are two tours for me to choose and I haven’t decided


A:How do you say?

B:One is to big American cities and the other is to Europe. It’s hard to choose because they are

both attractive.

A: In my eyes, America cities are lively while Europe should be tranquil.

B: Right, I like quiet life and I propose the trip to Europe now.

A: Have you really decided yet?

B: Yes, Europe is a place where one can experience different languages, architecture, food and


A: I can’t agree with you more.

B: Thank you for your suggestion.

A: You are welcome.


A: Hello, Ella. Are you free now? I have a question want to discuss with you

B: Yeah! I am glad to study together with you.

A: Have you ever heard of genetically GM which is very famous these days?

B: Yes. But I’m coufusted that why some people still protest GM foods though many people suffer from starvation around the world?

A: I think maybe because of the GM food is a kind of new things in the world now, so people need time to promote its acception.

B: I know, but why should they be labeled?

A:Not everyone is sure that GM food are safe.

B:Yes,I heard of a GM fish that grew to be ten times its normal size.

A:That sure sounds abnormal.

B:Yeah,it does sounds a bit strange,but that fish could feed ten times as many people.

A:You’re right;GM food might help solve world hunger,but we have a right to know what we are eating.


A: Hello, Jim.

B: Hi, Jenny.

A: Do you read the newspaper this morning?

B: No, I have to finish some works, so I don’t have time to read the newspaper. And do you have


A: Hi, guy! How is it going!

B: Oh, well. You know I am busy all the time.

A: The college entrance examination has come to an end, which recalls me much of the days brought to me. Now, billions of senior students have gained their freedom in some way. Have you heard the report that about 840,000 senior students gave up it this year?

B: Yes, in my opinion, it seems less important to take part in it since we have many choices when we expect a brilliant future!

A: All right.as a undergraduate, I realize that even you enter a excellent college, that doesn't mean you would achieve more and gain success.

B: I agree, high education highlights the learning methods instead of what we learn. So, here in college, knowledge and ability matter most, not just solely based on high goals in exam.

A: What do you want to do for your corporate life in the future?

B: I prefer to be a good ads designer.

A: Oh, great! It involves creativity and good ideas. But every day when I meet with ads on TV or on the Internet, I just ignore it. I think ads sometimes drive me mad.

B: Indeed, there are quite a few ads lacking of creativity and origin, but we can't deny some good ads have impressed upon us and make our life better and easier.

A: I do agree, ads help promote products and services of a

company to extend market share, meanwhile, they make us easily accessible to high quality products and save a lot of time in picking up and figuring out which one to buy.

B: In fact.to be a good ads designer, you need to keep up with times and learn new technology, such as 3D and PS and related skills.

A: It sounds a hard process, and technologies really benefit us a great deal, and improve the quality of life, but it also causes many problems that can't be solved with it.

B: Yes, you know every coin has two sides.

A: Just put it aside, at least we are advancing. If you find your ideal job, which city would you prefer to stay in?

B: Shanghai. It is a big city and full of good chances. There I can achieve success. But now, all of that seem impossible.

A: What's the matter? Guy! You can make it!

B: You know the final examination is approaching. I am so worried about that!

A: Come on! Just a test! Thinking about how you get over the tough difficulties in life, exam is just a piece of cake! And what is the biggest difficulty that you met in your life!

B: Oh, let me think. Right, just about learning swimming! It seemed really hard for me in the beginning, but I make it after learning painful lessons and practicing day by day! It's absolute success when you clear all of the obstacles in the way!

A:I am happy for you since you have done a good job, the test may not be a question, but for me, the biggest difficulty that most impressed me was how to get a balance between study and recreation.so far, I have figured out some solutions to it!

B: That's very good!

A: Keep it in mind there is no short cut in life! When you

encounter hardships, just face it and learn to handle them on your own.

B: Got it. I should learn from Zhanghaidi, never give up!



A:Today we are going to talk about the ”financial risis”. We all know that in the past couple of years ,the financial crisis attracted the worldwide attention, for it's the worse economic recession since the Great Depression in the 1930s and no country is spared from the current crisis, it had more severe effects on the developed countries.


B:I believe that it's a nature link of the ecnomic cycle. There is no reason doubt that ,after the recession , recovery and prosperity would come follow, and then it enter into another cycle.


A:As the saying goes :" Every coin has its two side."Somebody went bankrupt in this financial turmoil, while some other people take the chance . For instance my friend who live in America take this opportunity bought a suite room with a rather cheap price.


B:Of course, the government would take some effect measure to mitigate the impact of the current global economic and financial crisis rather than leave it rot.


A:I know.It advise the American change the way of life.


B:Do you think what caused te financial crisis?


A:I think we can sum up the cause of our current economic crisis in one word — GREED. 我想一个词可以总结我们目前的经济危机的原因——贪婪。

B:And what impact it will have in China.


A:The international financial crisis is becoming more and more worse, the impact on the Chinese economy is also further expansion, it even extended into every aspect of society.For example, manufacturing, energy, food, IT and so on..


B:The economic crisis first happened in the littoral area of China and then affected the backland. At the beginning, the money devalued resulting in the inflation which mainly caused the crisis.

Later many factories closed down and people were out of jobs. However, to a degree, the government’s powerful regulation has successfully controlled the serious situation .


A:Yeah,perhaps in school we regarding this realized is not very big, however we soon face the graduation, also meant must look for the work. already some people commented: the next several year university graduate, the graduation also on meant unemployment! What do you think of this viewpoint? 对,也许在学校,我们对这个没有很深的认识,但是我们很快面临毕业,也意味着必须寻找工作。有些人评论说:在未来数年大学毕业,毕业也意味着失业!你怎么看这一观点?

B:although i not like this believed, but i still felt we should have one kind of crisis feeling, by faces the worst possible occurrence.Therefore, also cannot again continue to waste in the university period time, that already was may not obtain extremely!And i also hoped we all can learn own diligently special course, in order to might find from now on most suits own work. !虽然我不喜欢这样认为,但我仍觉得我们应该有一种危机感去面临的最严重的可能。因此,也不能再继续浪费在大学期间的时间,这已经是可能无法获得极为!因此,我希望大家都可以了解自己的勤奋特殊当然,为了可能会发现从现在起,最适合自己的工作。

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