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Have personal, suffered two times in his life tragic accident.

Unfortunately for the first time when he was 46 years old.

An airplane accident, make him more than 65% of the skin are burnt out. In 16 times surgery, his face turned into a color board for skin grafts. His fingers, legs so small, and cannot be action, can only be collapsed in a wheelchair.

Who would have thought that after six months, he personally drove the plane fly in the sky!

Four years later, once again the unfortunate fate befall him, he is driving the plane on takeoff suddenly fell back into the runway, his 12 vertebrae are all crushed, permanently paralyzed from the waist down.

But he did not take these disaster as his reason for depression, he said: \"I can do 10000 things before paralysis, now I can only do 9000 kinds, I can also put the attention and eyes can do 9000 things. I had two major setbacks in life, so, I can only choose not to bring frustration as his excuse to give up efforts.\" Is the life of the strong, Mitchell.

Because he never give up efforts to become a millionaire, public speaker, entrepreneurs, and also to gain a foothold in the political arena.


To Find the Different Scenery

Describing a high school boy wondering whether he is being limited and obstructed by the courses, a question in Zhihu draws much attention. Many people suggest that he should immerse himself in study in place of woolgathering, for his thoughts are premised on his narrowness.

Narrowness, an interesting word, widely appears in people of all backgrounds and ages. People are inclined to judge in accordance with the conventional experience and the take-for-granted imagination, for instance that the city inspectors share a blown-up reputation in China thus each of them atrocious and repulsive, the numerous zealous and conscientious groups in the majority though. Generally an upright man is split into the kind of chivalrous husband or industrious employee or more positive image, though no logical relation exists between these different positions; however, the take-for-granted imagination comes in.

It is true of me. The high school period featured my cockiness that I regarded myself superior to the others, even my teachers,my mind wandering in the class and my assignment postponing after school. All was useless and pointless, except some celebrities on the internet who constantly voiced non -mainstream views, such as our party was corrupt, our society immoral and our people brutal, seemingly ridiculous in present perspective but at that time I followed such beliefs fervently, indulged in discovering the defects of people around me, then criticizing them to flatter how insightful ingenious I was. On the contrary, the regrets are brimmed with my mind for the wasted gold of time. Years in high school are for making every effort, not blindly resenting the world, but because of the ego, all in vain. The only method to get rid of the intrinsic narrowness and avoid the unnecessary regret is hands-on practice which means keeping an innovative mind constantly for renewing existing experience and study kinds of knowledge studiously for distinguishing the true and the false.


Summer reading book

I read "cry", is read "Kong Yi a few". Although previously read this article, but in "the scream" to create the atmosphere of, the sad and ridiculous Kong Yi few as if was added to the many tragic color.

Talking about Kong Yi, I think of China's education. At the end of Qing Dynasty, some people read the "heavy emperor Kennedy, the name of Er Cao. Wanban are Xiapin, only high school, "" child prodigy poetry, reveals a "Scholar" glorious; some people read is "chaos, muddy coagulation and" of "young school Qiong Lin", to teach the ancient cliche. These so-called "textbook", I really do not know how many times change.

And it is said to reduce the burden on students, the reason why said, it is said, it is because it does not seem to affect me. But to eat lunch, brother, sister, who seems to be benefited, just understand that the junior high school students is beyond the student category. At this point, once again, a few of the arguments: "reading a book about people......" Actually relieved a lot of.

After dinner, which asked: "this year summer vacation homework?" I stood up and looked at the unfinished work, shaking his head, said: "not much less! Enough? Not much also."

Today is the number 11, a few days to go to school classes. This afternoon I from the neighborhood kids with a few hands back a lollipop novel "a thing". In the novel the "I" for the first time see the driver, the noble qualities of a common laborer, in the heart although is in serious consideration and reflection. However, when the police came. "I had to catch a handful of copper gave him." I have found that their small, can put yourself in the position to judge? The driver's behavior and whether they can use the money to weigh? Moreover, one can solve the problem of copper, wash away his mistake? Nature can't, and "I" can't answer myself ".

Love of money often believe in money however is the "God of wealth" in "the legend of the God of wealth" in say: "hard work and honesty is not money can buy of." Those who think that money is everything, everything in terms of money always claim to be a wise man, Mr. Lu Xun said: "world but by April Fool's cause, smart people will not support world..." Advise those who listen to "God of wealth"!

Reading, not only eich the knowledge, but also to make people understand the philosophy of life.

The Farm

Listen to others to say, in the happy farm vegetables is fun, I want to go there on a piece of land to grow vegetables.

Saturday, my mother helped me to apply for a QQ number, opened its own farm. Just started, I'm just a 0.

School, my mother said to me: "you have to take care of the farm to give you, you can only play once on Saturday." I said, "okay."."

On Saturday, after my mother's approval, I entered my farm, I saw that I had been raised to level 3, and there were more than 5000 gold coins. Even more delightful is that my geography "food" has matured. I stretched out my hand, "key removal" soon after picking "food.".

At this time, I click next to the "QQ friends"". Friends "boards" and "papaya" mature, a yellow, very lovely, I'd steal some. At this time, I found a sign on the side of the "labor is glorious, stealing shame". It suddenly dawned on me that it was wrong to steal other people's things. But the stolen papaya had entered the "warehouse", I can't get it out. How to do? Let me do something for her. I picked up the herbicide to help her weed, but also used pesticides to help her kill the "dish" leaves on the pests.

After all these things, I went back to my farm. Pick up the shovel to shovel dirt, and then go to the store to buy seeds. "Store" of the seed lot, with radish seeds, potato seeds, and watermelon seeds. I bought a radish seed planted in the ground, and then poured some water, and so on tomorrow, the flowering.

Tell you, because every Saturday to adhere to the "farm" hard work, I have now risen to 17.

In the QQ farm vegetables, "the farm" let me know, "Yifengengyun, a harvest, wealth to own hard work to create, steal other people's things are shameful.

Catch shrimp

Today morning, shrimp, mom and Dad took me to the park and cousin bouldering stream catch.

The water in the stream is crystal clear, and the stripes of the pebbles in the water are clearly visible. We take off our shoes and socks, rolled up trouser legs, standing on the shore, with big eyes, carefully started looking for shrimp. Suddenly, my father said to us excitedly: "come on, here are a few shrimp!" We ran past, the daddy finger direction, he saw a few little shrimp is leisurely play. Their whole body transparent, with the water in the pebbles into one, if not carefully look, really can not see them!

See shrimp in the river, both of us in high spirits and tiptoed down the water, are already ready to come up with the net, quietly stretch in the past, and was not near, clever shrimp seem to be aware of, a foot pedal, quickly slip away. I started looking again, and saw a few shrimp is by resting on a stone, I put the network quietly stretch in the past, they swam to another piece of stone up. I put the network quietly stretch in the past, "crafty" shrimp swam to another piece of stone up, as if in and we hide and seek like of. Fishing for a long time, my father has been fishing for more than a dozen shrimp, and my cousin has nothing. We is some impatient, respectively took a plastic bag in the water does not stop fishing, fishing, shrimps are we stir disoriented, a

few shrimp score a lucky hit into our "captured".

We carry our "booty" home.


Tonight, my father and I are watching science fiction movies, "Afanda", I asked: "what is Afanda?" Dad said: "look at yourself."." I looked and know that the story took place on the planet Pandora, an avatar is admixture of human genes and the alien genes, avatar with long tail and tail, ears like a mouse, head is even higher than Yao Ming, but thought by human scientists control. There are many strange plants and animal planet Pandora, there are towering trees, in the air suspension of the mountain. An animal has 6 legs, a horse, a dog, a wolf, a rhino, a tiger, a horse's nose is like a shark's gills, and a lizard, you touch it. It's like a night of spinning fireworks! The most powerful is the dragon, fly freely in the Na'vi riding a dragon Pandora planet. There are also a variety of plants, they have a common point in the evening will be issued a beautiful fluorescent, as beautiful as the underwater world! One of them looks like a revolving stair, you touch it and it gets smaller. What a beautiful planet! But merchants of the earth in order to ore, the destruction of the Na'vi beautiful home, the last avatar riding a dragon led the Na'vi see them out of the planet Pandora. Beautiful and magical place of Pandora I dream to go!

A special lunch

Remember that time, I had a special lunch, lunch special incense, particularly sweet, it is my first time to eat so special lunch......

Because my mother was busy that day, give me 5 yuan to buy rice. Noon is over, so I am going to take the money to buy a meal to eat. I feel my pockets! My money was gone, I went to! Looking for a long time still can not find, hey! Can only hungry belly. Just a classmate to buy rice up, she asked: "ah, you don't eat?" I reluctantly replied: "how to eat the money? "She listened at once," said one of us." I am very annoyed to answer: "you eat it yourself, I'm not hungry."!" In fact, my stomach was already growling, she repeated requests, I only laugh happily said: "I?Have a bed with this convex locust play?

She gave me half of my lunch. I felt ashamed. The last time she had a small test, her pen was broken. She asked anxiously, who had two pens to lend her one, and I thought, "well, I think."! I don't give you two, but you don't know that I have two pens. She just got a failed, I regretted doing.

After lunch, I think there was a sour, the taste is full of regret in my heart.

I understand: we need to help each other, solidarity and love, so that we can feel the warmth of class collective!


"Oh, what the hell is in the mess? Oh, oh, mom, help me! It hurts." I while clutching his mouth, screaming and shouting, mom heard rush to see I wuzhuozui, strange asked me: "Ye Xian. What's the matter? What's happening?""Mom, my teeth ache, can you help me look at my teeth in the end is how, okay?" I endured the pain, sour to mother said, she touched my head, softly to me said: "Oh, well, let me see." Mother patted me on the head "open my mouth, so let me see." I try to open mouth, my mother found the a shaking of the deciduous teeth, gently touched your tooth, ah, pain extremely, I came near to the mother's finger to bite the mother smiled, said: "a teeth's ready to fall, extraction must be, tomorrow I'll take you to the tooth." Ah, pull, tooth extraction." I was taken aback by the said mother tilted his head, to me said: "yes, extraction, your teeth now called deciduous teeth, it must be pulled loose teeth, in order to grow a mother new strong teeth" mom said, pointing to the edge of her teeth.

Second days early in the morning, my mother took me to the dental clinic where to tooth extraction, the door into the clinic, I smell a thick smell of alcohol, quickly cover the nose. Cabinet pliers, anesthetics and so on extraction tools varied lying there, I frightened, I saw sitting next to my little friends, they are not crying and yelling to the aunt arms drill, I saw this scene, could not help but fear that up, hands and feet soft, teeth not stop biting his lips, hands to my mother held more firmly, mother also don't know how to comfort me, only know that call me don't be afraid.

It's my turn, the dentist took pliers coming towards me, I see the big pliers I was scared as if such as what is about to get a taste of crab of the clamps the taste of, the dentist came, saw me so panic, squat comfort me: "little friends, do not be afraid, actually a little bit extraction were not hurt, because I had put the pliers was stained with anesthetics, however, as long as you have a little courage, we will be able to overcome all the difficulties,: would you like to try it?" Don't know is dentists encouraged or lucky goddess gave me great courage, I walk to come forward to, opened his mouth, to the doctor extraction. The doctor, for all of us said: "you see, the little girl how brave! The other kids like the sister, so brave, don't cry." Pull out teeth, other children with the envy of the eyes look at me, made me strange.

Yes, as long as we are brave, what can run, for example: learning, difficulties, don't because so little frustration was he was terrified, what can block our to the growth of the road? What can ruin our good time? Believe me, as long as the brave, the world did not have to go to the Flaming Mountains.

The people's Park

Today, I went to the people's park with my father and my mother. One into the park, the first to see is the wheel of the wheel, in my impression, the wheel is a fast turn of the game. Today, however, I was in Nanning people's Park to do the wheel is turning the wheel is very slow,

My mother and I are a Ferris wheel, tightly seize the next can help things, going to going to the highest point, my mother and I thought like a roller coaster like to turn over, head towards the ground, so firmly holds the support rod, heart pounding. In fact, this wheel is not only slow, but

also not fast, do not come back. In this way, although not enough to stimulate, but can let me enjoy from the "day" to the landscape of Nanning. I saw the old area, the old house with a few tall buildings, it is very awkward. Before we knew it, we returned to the bottom and shrugged.

Then, we went boating, rented a boat, we went on a boat, I am happy to say: "I came to be the driver!" We first through a hole in the bridge, I successfully opened in the past, mom and dad said I'm good, my heart sink like a honey, sweet. Then, we have turned the a big bend, back to the hole, I put the steering wheel left net, hee hee, hull was I put straight, I rely on technology smoothly across the a with the hull is about the size of a small hole, and I looked behind a look, wow, a a small boy, drove the ship, also stumbled. Just as I was laughing when mom and dad from behind my boast: "good good, pass the exam." Listen to the praise of mom and Dad, my heart. Under the boat, I just recall the fun and short sailing fun, can not help but think it is a very interesting thing.

People's Park is so fun, a stroll is not fun, come again next time!

Butterfly and butterfly

Once upon a time there was a flower butterfly, her wings are colorful, in the light of the sun, it is very bright.

There is a white butterfly, his body is white, like a gentleman.

They are good friends, every day. But one day a news broke the quiet life, flower butterfly was broken by the human wings, can not fly... For the butterfly, this is how cruel, the wings are equal to their everything......

Flower butterfly said, good pain...... So painful

White butterfly said, from now on, we never abandon!

Over the next three months, the white butterfly takes care of the butterfly, meticulously. White butterfly is afraid to spend butterfly a person at home hungry, can not eat anything, so stay up all night t(转载于:www.nmgsyfdc.com.cn 蒲 公 英 文 摘:英语小短文300字)o do a small wheelchair for the flowers. This put it out of him, but he is not afraid, silly smile... In order to let the flower butterfly is not furniture sharp stab, white butterfly deliberately put all the furniture into the round...

Butterfly big eyes blinked, "rinse" tears streaming down.

One day after three months.

Flower butterfly wings incredibly miracle, even the doctors have always been cool to say that this is a miracle! The side of the white butterfly smiled. He was so tired, but he managed to get back in return... He knows that this is three months, he will take care of the butterfly wings okay.

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