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Please enjoy some beautiful articles about high school:

Sudbury Valley School

To most of us, school means classes, teachers, schedules, grades and tests. But for the children at Sudbury Valley School in Massachusetts, school is very different.

Firstly, there are no lessons. All the children, aged between 4 and 19, do whatever they want. There are no teachers—only “staff members”. The idea behind this is that you do not need to make children learn, because children want to learn anyway. “You do not need to say to a three-year-old, ?Go explore your environment.?, You can?t stop them!” says Daniel Greenberg, a founder of the school. “But if you make children do what you want all day, they will lose all taste for learning.”

At Sudbury Valley School, you will permit children to talk, read, paint, cook, work on Computers, study French, play the piano, climb trees, or just run around. Two boys spent three years just fishing!

The other way that Sudbury Valley School is different is that the children can decide the rules. Every week, there is a school meeting where both children and staff have one vote each--- even the four-year-olds. They decide the school rules, how to spend the school budget, and even which staff they want and do not want anymore.

When the school first opened in 1968, people said it would never work. But today, the school has 200 students, and 80% of its students go on to college. Even the two boys who went fishing all the time have successful careers today. One of them is a musician and the other is a computer scientist.

Question: What impresses you most about this valley school?

Good Study Habits

Good students always have good study habits. Those good study habits can help you achieve high grades. Work hard to develop any study habit you haven?t got yet. It won?t be only an important personal achievement but it?ll also be a great satisfaction for your parents. Here are some helpful study habits.

Try not to do too much study at a time. If you try to do too much study at a time, you’ll get tired and your study won?t be very effective(有效的). Space the work you have to do over shorter periods of time. Taking short breaks will restore your energy.

Try to study at the same time each day. Study at the same time each day and establish a routine, just like sleeping and eating. When a scheduled study time comes up during the day, you?ll be mentally prepared to study.

Set specific goals. Goals will help you stay focused and monitor your progress. You must be very clear about what you want to accomplish during your study time.

Review your notes before beginning an assignment. Reviewing your notes can help you make sure you?re doing an assignment correctly. Besides, your notes may include information that will help you complete an assignment.

Tell your friends not to call you during your study time. If your friends call you during your study time, you will be interrupted. So turn off your cell phone when you study.

Review your schoolwork over the weekend. This will help you be ready to go on Monday morning when another school week begins.

Question: Which study habit do you think is the most important what study habit do you think you lack?

High School

In America, after middle school comes high school which includes grades 9 through 12. Students are required to take certain subjects like English, social studies, math, science, and physical education. In addition, they choose among elective subjects, to complete their high school education. Electives include subjects in technology, music, art, and foreign languages.

Each student in the school has their own locker for books and personal items. This convenience saves students from carrying textbooks, and allows students a small space they can decorate with posters and favorite objects.

Cheating in any form is strictly prohibited in American schools. And I fact, high school students usually don?t cheat, A student caught in plagiarism(抄袭), forgery(伪造), or copying another student faces severe discipline(惩罚), even expulsion(开除).

School Activities

Each school holds certain yearly activities for the entire school body, such as homecoming(返校节), prom(舞会) night , holiday celebrations, etc.


Most high schools have at least one sports team that competes in local events, and all students are 1

tennis and soccer. Some may even have sports like golf, swimming, gymnastics and cross-country skiing. Jobs

Many high school students have part-time jobs by the age of 15 or 16, some even earlier. Their first jobs are often baby-sitting or cutting lawns, but later they will likely get a job at a fast-food restaurant, video store, or clothing shop.


Sixteen years old is legal driving age in most states, and students usually want to own a car as soon as they can. Some parents allow their children to drive a family vehicle, and may even buy a car as a graduation present. Others prefer that their sons and daughters earn enough to purchase a used vehicle. Regardless, many teenagers feel it?s a necessity to own a car, and will do whatever it takes to be able to drive.

Question: What do you think of cheating in the exam and have you ever cheated in the exam?

My dream high school

What?s Senior High? Well, I?ve thought about this question many times. The moment I got the permit of No.1 Senior High, I was so excited; a lively picture appeared in my mind, a beautiful school with tall plants and various(不同的) kinds of flowers, modern teaching buildings with the best equipment, new classrooms with TVs and computers… A completely new school life is waiting for me!

But if you ask me what my ideal high school is now, my answer will be quite different, my ideal high school does not necessarily have modern buildings or best equipment, but a place where classmates can get on well with each other, where teachers are knowledgeable(有知识的) and friendly, a life when after a whole day of hard work, I can relax myself with different kinds of sports and activities… where I realize my dream and enjoy the sweetness(甜蜜) and bitterness(苦涩) of life, where I can express myself, show my talents, and a place where I can not only get knowledge but also be able to improve my ability.

And I think I should play a totally different role from that when I was in junior high. Teachers not only teach us knowledge but most importantly teach us the way to learn by ourselves, way to manage our lives… All this add up, probably that?s what my ideal high school is like.

But still, I believe I play the most important part. I must try my best to get along with all that I have and make more progress.

It?s said that life is a box of chocolate, so I do hope my senior high life is not only full of flowers and success, but I can experience bitterness at the same time. I know success makes my dreams wonderful but failure makes me grow. I will try my best.

Please recite Paragraph 2

A new measure

When Klyce?s alarm clock sounds at 5:45 a.m., the 17-year-old rolls over and turns it off. Without the second alarm clock that goes off at 6, she might have a much harder time getting to Kennedy High School in Fremont, Calif for the 7:35 a.m. first bell. When she?s running late, she goes without breakfast and doesn?t do her hair. Research shows that when teens hit puberty(青春期), they need 9 hours of sleep a day on average. Now a growing number of schools are pushing back the morning bell so class time and students? energy are better balanced.

“The good side is, students are more awake,” says principal(校长) Amy McNamara of Logan High in New Haven Unified, which pushed back its morning bell to 8:40 in 2007. But a few parents complain that sports and extra courses can go into dinnertime, and in winter, into the dark. “That is a worry,” she says. “It?s not perfect, but you can?t please everybody.”

It sounds clear: students don't test well early in the morning. In one Illinois study, every high school senior performed better when tests were given in the afternoon than in the morning. But most important tests, like the SAT, starts at 8 a.m.

“Their brains just aren?t awake then,” and Sullivan, a children sleep specialist at Stanford Sleep Medicine Center. “Young people are in great need of sleep.”

Teens don?t necessarily stay up later when school starts later. In studies in Kentucky and Minnesota, when schools pushed the bell by an hour, high school students slept an extra 30 minutes per night.

More sleep means fewer sleepy drivers, suggests another study. Car accidents dropped by 16.7% among students in a Kannas county after schools there moved their start time forward by one hour.

1). The first paragraph shows the phenomenon (现象)that ________________________________.

2). The measure many schools have taken is __________________________________________.

3). The good sides of the measure are :
















































我们的学校是五乡镇的中心小学,我们的校园是一座美丽而又充满活力的乐园。 走进校园,迎接我们的是那几棵屹立在小花园中的古老的松树。说它们高吧,一点儿也不过分,因为它们已超过三层高的教学楼好几米了;说它们茂盛吧,的确是呀,它们那枝繁叶茂的。树冠犹如一顶巨大的绿伞,夏天那强烈的阳光射下来也只能漏下些细碎的光影,小朋友们在树下跳皮筋,做游戏,一点儿也不觉得炎热;说它们坚强吧,那可真是名副其实呀,一年四季它们都像士兵一样守护着我们的校园,即使遇上台风,或者像今年冬天大雪压顶那样的雪灾,它们也决不会弯腰低头、折枝服输。它们站在教学楼前,好像在激励着我们努力学习、茁壮成长呢!


我们的学校是一所百年老校,前年她刚刚渡过了百年诞辰,她座落在泉城的西北角,是一座美丽的学校。 我们学校操场边上有一个小花园,小花园四季景色迷人:春天来了,草坪上,一朵朵小花绽放出了美丽的笑脸,小草也从地下探出头来,报春使者小燕子也急急忙忙赶来了;夏天,翠绿的葡萄架下,有几位老奶奶坐在那儿乘凉;秋天,葡萄架上结满了一串串晶莹透亮的葡萄,这一串串葡萄仿佛像一颗颗紫色的珍珠,挂在葡萄架上;冬天到了,冰雪覆盖了小花园,但这时的小花园,仍然非常美丽,雪覆盖在小草上,像给小草盖上了一层厚厚的棉被。由五彩缤纷的鹅卵石铺成的小路,变成了银白色的小路,走在上面,似乎走进了一个童话世界。房子上,树上,葡萄架上也都覆盖了厚厚的一层,就好似刚粉刷了一层白色油漆。我仿佛看到白马王子正牵着漂亮的白雪公主从上面走过。我们几个贪玩的小伙伴在课间偷偷溜出教室,来到小花园中嬉戏。我们高兴的跑着,笑着,追逐着,一个个雪球不时的从我们头顶上呼啸而过。小花园里到处充满了欢声笑语。

小花园是我们的乐园,这里不仅有我们的欢歌笑语,我们留下更多的是朗朗的读书声。 校园一角

内容摘要: 我们的校园可真美呀! 有一次,我到校园里玩,看到平坦、宽敞的操场上有红色塑胶跑道、篮球架、单杠、双杠、攀爬架……平时我们在这里做操、跑步、跳高、踢毽子这里给我们提 ...






校园一角 我们的学校是一座美丽的大花园。我们每天在这个花园里学习,成长。我最喜欢的是这花园里的风景。




这校园的一角真美,我常陶醉在这美丽的景色中。51-51免 费论文网-网-欢迎您 校园的一角是我们学校里一道亮丽的风景线。我们作为校园的小主人,一定要为它增光添彩。








我的校园是一座美丽的大花园,你只要在学校走里一圈,就一定会舍不得离开。[] 啊!我们学校的小花园的景色真迷人,如果你看了,肯定会依依不舍。我爱我们的校园,更爱这美丽的小花园!



关于校园生活的作文 快乐进行时 罗金坤 校园生活“鸭梨”虽大,但是我不怕。即便分身无术,我也仍有随机应变的一面,在单调乏味的“三点一线”生活中,依然过得优哉游哉,不亦乐乎!’ 妙侃杜尧 早自习,看着课程表中那个刺目的“英”字,我挑了挑眉头,心中哀叹:唉,又要背英语课文了,我最怕背这些“鸟语”了,但不背又不行啊,如果中午被英语老师“召见”,就损失了宝贵的午休时间,那可就得不偿失了。我拿起英语书,盯着上面如蚯蚓般的英语单词狂背起来。经过长达十几分钟的“交战”,我竟然“吃”下了这一群恶心的“蚯蚓”,虽说难以忍受,但总算又逃过了一劫。而这时,杜尧来了:“嗨!小坤子,背得咋样了?我还差一篇就背完了,你呢?” 我无视他的得意与骄傲,淡淡地答道:“全背完了。” “什么?”他惊讶地瞪大了眼睛,嘴里喊着,“你可真是猛如牲口啊!果然名不虚传。” “我是牲口,但我比你强,那么你又是什么呢?”我反问他。“我就是??”他好像意识到了什么,连忙住了嘴,郁闷地转过头背书去了。 我一阵窃喜:想跟我斗?你还嫩了点! 巧压菜肴 放学后,当我气喘吁吁地跑到食堂时,菜已经卖完了。没办法,我只好一声不吭地吃着干饭,吃着吃着,忽然心头一亮。我悄悄跑到一位同学的左后方,拍了拍他的右肩。趁他转过头去的当儿,迅速“偷”了点他碗里的菜,然后逃之天天。几次“行窃”之后,我的碗里就有了一些下饭的菜。好不容易把饭吃完了,我心满意足地走回教室,不料却在半路上被刚才那几位“受害”的同学挡住了去路,他们个个虎视眈眈。我暗自悲叹:唉,如果不是两天没吃到热饭热菜了,我怎会厚着脸皮去做这种“损人利己”的事?

(范文 )


的当儿,一路狂奔,跑回了教室。今日若不施诡计,我可又要糗大了。 大显身手 校园生活中最有趣的要数下晚自习后的那一段时间了。 查寝的老师还没来,寝室里可热闹了!你唱一句,我吼一通,唱之不足,还蹈之舞之,那场面,就像是举行“舞林大会”一般,各位室友登台献艺,各显神通。你看,一位室友的“迷踪拳”打得有板有眼,另一位室友的“降龙十八掌”也打得有模有样。不过这些都敌不过我们的武林霸主——室长的“狮吼功”:“快给我睡觉!”只见室友们一个个甘拜下风,纷纷倒下。我在心中暗猜:难道这就是失传已久的盖世神功?我明日一定要讨教讨教,看看究竟谁最厉害。 在校园里,我收集了许多快乐的记忆:有在教室中与杜尧斗嘴的快乐;有在食堂中“行窃”的刺激;有在寝室中“同台竞技”的乐趣??不经意间,快乐充满了我的心房,温暖的感觉油然而生,让

我久久不能忘怀! 湖北松滋市南海中学 (指导老师黄松海) 点评 本文以时间为序,以“快乐”为线,精心抓拍生活中典型而生动的小镜头,传神地展现了充满乐趣的校园生活,让人有耳目一新之感,收到了妙趣横生的艺术效果。文章采用“总一分一总”的结构形式,三个小标题的巧妙组接,使得文章脉络分明,结构清晰。文章最突出的亮点就是描写生动活泼,语言风趣幽默。小作者善用多种修辞手法,并且灵活地运用多种表达方式,使得真实的生活细节鲜活动人,让人感同身受。

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