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A:Haven't see you for a while, how are you getting on?(好久不见,最近还好吗?) B,C,D:fine!

A:I am glad to hear that.You konw, the time really passes quickly and the year of 2012 is not as usual.(很高兴听到这,你们都知道,时间过的很快,过去的2012太不一样了)

B:Yeah...I can hardly express my feeling in 2012 in words!Last year is so great.(是的,我简直没办法用语言来表达我对2012一年的感受,2012真的是太令人不可思议了。)

C:I think the Olympics Games is the most amazing.Especially,the Chinese representative team have a great achievement in London.We have got 87 medals and broke the many records! This demonstrates the strong sense of affinity amongst the Chinese people.(我觉得奥运会是最让人惊奇的,特别是中国代表队在伦敦奥运会上取得了87块奖牌和打破了许多的记录,这就是中华民族强大的凝聚力) D:and The bite of china is wonderful.It is a total of 7 episodes of food documentary, almost include all over China Food ecological, tells the story of the same ingredients in far apart from each other between change, also to the chowhound who provided a ready-made food tourism map.(舌尖中的中国也非常好,这部总共7集的美食类纪录片,几乎囊括了中国各地美食生态,讲述了同一种食材在天南地北之间的变化,也给吃货们提供了一条现成的美食旅游地图。) A:.莫言 is also the important part of 2012.This was the first Nobel Prize in literature of Chinese writers, is increasingly depressed Chinese literary hit a dose of chicken.(莫言同样是2012一个重要的组成部分,这位首个获得诺贝尔文学奖的中国籍作家,着实给越来越低迷的中国文坛打了一剂鸡血。)

B:Do you remember jiangnan style.It makes known to every family.(你们还记得江南Style吗?这个几乎是家喻户晓)


D:and have you go shopping on the taobao in double 11?it was very crazy.I haved bought many sale of goods.(双11的时候,你们有去淘宝购物吗?我买了很多打折的商品)

B:NOnono,we should consume reasonably!(没有啊,我们必须理性消费) C:It sounds great!(确实是这样)

A:I have been worried about the end of the world for a long time.(前阵子我一直在担心世界末日)

B:Me too.Luckily,the mayas just make a kidding with us.everything is ok.(我也是,幸运的是,玛雅人只是和我们开了个玩笑,一切都非常好,不是吗?)

C.D:The 2012 is gone.We have reason to believe that the 2013 will be better.(2012已经过去了,我们有理由相信2013将会更好)

B: oh ,sorry,I have to go.it is late.(我得走了,现在有点晚了)



Tom: Hey, Bob,what are you doing?

Bob: I am playing game,called “Warcraft”

Mary: It seems you are very busy.

Bob: Yes,I always have no time to respond my companions in the game. John: Don’t worry, it will be achieved the interaction between human being and PC in future.

Mary: Can you say it in details?

John: British scientists are researching about the interactivity of connecting the real world and the virtual world. This technic can make your PC or game console do the related responds through identifying your expressions.

Tom: Woo,it is so cool.you know,School has added several new courses to our grade this semester. I have more homework to do now.

Mary: What's your favorite course,Bob?

Bob: I like science most.

John: Science? That's a surprise.

Bob: Surprise?

Tom: We thought you would like PE.

Bob: I do like PE, but I am interested in science.

Mary:What about you,Tom?

Tom: My favorite course is science ,too. Through this course, I can learn more about the world around us clearly.and there is no doubt that science development make our life more colorful.

Mary: But as i know,science development not always brings the good news . Bob: Why are you say that ? Mary: You know,With the development of science,it also brings people some environmental pollution.Such as electronic pollution,space pollution,light pollution and so on......

Tom: I do agree with you,but i also believe that the prospects of science development are brightening.,science technology can deal with these environmental pollution which brings by science development.

John: It seems that you know a lot about science ,Your parents would be happy if they knew that. Because you are always a naughty boy.

Tom: Naughty? I'm just clever. And I wish i could be a person like Dennis Hutton someday.Do you know about Dennis Hutton, the scientist?

Mary: I know. A inventer and physicist, the son of a farmworker. Bob: He graduated at 17 with the first class degree in physi(来自:www.nmgsyfdc.com.cn 蒲公英文 摘:四人英语对话短文)cs and mathematics. He made his first notable achievement at the age of 18. It was a method of refrigeration which rolls from his work in low temperature physics.

Mary: He became professor of mathematics at the University of Manchester at 24, where he remained for twelve years. During that time, he married one of his students.

John: wow. Anything else?

Bob: Later working together in London, they laid the foundations of modern physics by showing that normal laws of cause and effect do not apply at the level of subatomic particles. For this he and his wife received the Nobel Prize for physics in 1910 .

John: But I have heard that he had went to America ,so when did he go to America?

Tom: Let me see. In 1920 he went to teach in New York and died there suddenly after only three weeks. In his lifetime, Hutton patented 244 inventions.

Mary: what a great scientists he is ! I’m sure that Scientists like him will speed up the process of the world. Let’s look forward to it.

Bob: I really anticipate it very much!

John: Tom,we all expect to hear your good news of being a scientist like Dennis Hutton,maybe someday we will be proud of you .

Tom: I hope I will not disappoint all of you .but the most important thing is shall we have lunch now ? It’s already 12 o’clock and I am really hungry.

Bob: Ok ,let’s go.


1:who is your favorite detective you know from TV or books?

2: I think it must be Sherlock Holmes.

4:wow,I like him,too.

3:how well do you know about him?

2: Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson lived in a Victorian lodging house at 221b Baker Street between 1881-1904, according to the stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

3:not bad. But weaker than me. herlockHolmes, the world's first consulting detective, was born

January 6, 1854 the descendant of country squires. He spent two years

at university before taking rooms in Montague street around the corner

from the British Museum. While at university he spent the long vacation with a friend, Victor Trevor, at Trevor's family home where Trevor Sr.,

suggested Holmes make a profession out of his ability to observe.

4:in addition, Sherlock Holmes stories have been translated into more than fifty languages, and made into plays, films, radio and television series, a musical comedy and so on. By 1920 Doyle was one of the most highly paid writers in the world.

1 :well, it is actully very popular and famous.nowadays, Most people like reading detective stories better than love stories. So how about you three?

2: in fact I love love stories more.

4: are you a young girl?

2: of cause not. But I think I’m too old to read detective stories now.

3:So you read love stories?

2: I think I can learn a sea of love skills at least.

1: but you can also learn a lot of kill skills from detective stories!

2: I think it is not very useful for me……

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