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In the United States, There were 222 people __1__ (report) to be billionaires in 2003. The __2__ of these is Bill Gates, worth at least $41 billion, who made his money__3__ starting the company Microsoft. Mr. Gates was only 21 years old __4__ his first helped set up the company in 1976. He was a billionaire __5__ the time he was 31___6___. There are still some other people who have made lots of money at even __7__ (young) ages. Other young people who have struck it rich include Jackie Cogan and Shirley Temple __8__ of these child actors made over a million dollars __9__(act) in movies before they were 14, but __10__youngest billionaire is Albert Von Thorn and Taxis of Germany, who, in 2001, inherited(继承) a billion dollars when he turned 18.


Finishing their shopping at the mall, A couple discovered that their new car __1__(steal), they filed a report __2__ the police station and detective drove them __3__ to the parking lot to look for evidence. To their __4__ (amaze), the car had been returned __5__. There was a note in it that said:” I apologize for taking your car. My wife was having a baby and I had to rush to the __6__, please forget the inconvenience, there are two tickets __7__ tonight’s Mania Twain concert.” Their faith in humanity restored. The couple attended __8__concert , but when they returned

home, they immediately found__9__their house had been ransacked(洗劫). On the bathroom mirror was __10__:” I have to put my kid through college, somehow, don’t I?”


People __1__ (live) in different countries made different kinds of words. Today there are about fifteen hundred __2__ in the world. Each contains many thousands of words. A very large dictionary, for example, contains four __3__five hundred thousand words. But we do not need __4__ these. To read short stories, you need to know only about two thousand words. __5__ you leave school, you will learn only one thousand or more. The words you know are called your vocabulary. You should try to make your vocabulary __6__ (big). Read as many books as you can. There are a lot of books __7__ (write) in easy English, you will enjoy them, when you meet __8__new word, look it __9__in your dictionary, your dictionary is your __10__ (much) useful book.


When you are in England, you must be careful the traffic drives on the left. Before you cross a street you must look to the right first __2__ then the left. In the morning and in the evening when people go to or come from __3__, the streets are very busy. Traffic is most __4__(danger) then. When you go by bus in England, you have to be careful, __5__. Always remember the traffic moves on the left. So you must be careful, __6__

(have) a look first, or you will go __7__ wrong way. In many English cities, there are big buses __8__ two floor. You can sit on the __9__ (two) floor. From __10__ you can see the city very well. It’s very interesting.


__1__ artist had a small daughter. Sometimes he painted women __2__any clothes on, and he and his __3__tried to keep the small girl out __4__ he was doing this,” she is __5__ young to understand,” they said. But one day, when the artist __6__ (paint) a woman with no clothes on, he forgot to lock the door, and the girl suddenly ran into the room, her mother ran up the stairs __7__ her, but when she got to the room, the little girl was already in the room and looking at the woman, __8__ her parents waited for her to speak. For a few seconds, the little girl said __9__, but then she ran to her mother and said __10__ (angry), “Why do you let her go about without shoes and socks on when you don’t let me?”


My sister had dropped out of school and (71) m ______ unwise decisions with her life.

She chose to spend her time with people who were lost as she was. They all chose to ignore their

(72) __________ (responsible) and joined one another in a life which involved drinking and

partying. (73) __________ (sad), they were all losing time. They were young and had the

potential to become (74) w _______ they wanted if they would only choose to respect themselves and believe in a (75) __________ (good) life. My sister was lost but my father never

(76)g _________up on her. She may not have ever known it but his prayers and faith in her may have been the very thing she needed. I remember sitting at the family dinner table where everyone had gathered (77)e______________ my sister. Once again she had (78) c __________to drink with her friends instead of spending an evening with our family who loved her very much. We said she would not come. But my father said she would. We all rallied against him,(79____________(bet) she would not show up and asked why he would say that. We were convinced he was in denial. He (80) s___________ said, “I will always bet on her, on all of you.”

71. made 72. responsibilities73.Sadly 74.what /whatever 75. better 76. gave

77.except 78. chosen 79.betting 80. simply

Do you like friends who can teach you a lot every day? Books are

1. through our life. They are so valuable that (图书馆) are built2. to (存放) them. Almost all great men are lovers of books.3. him to success and 4. books. Books are5. the holders of mankind’s _______(经验) and imagination. They enable 6. us to see through the past and predict the 7. a book, you would get into a world ______ you have never been 8. you to get over . 9. difficulties No matter what you are, _______or old, poor or rich,

books are your devoted friends. Love books and love life.

Test 1

1. such2. libraries 3. preserve/store/keep 4. led5. without

6. experience 7. future8. where9. helps 10. young

Test 7

Born in America, Thomas Edison was a great scientist

and inventor. He was once thought to be a boy not

(值得) educating. In fact, he was a man full of (想象力).

I admire him a lot because of his great contribution. When he things

worked, helped him to earn the nickname “the Wizard

of Meio Park”. He was also so diligent he worked day


What 留下印象) me most is his famous10.

saying, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine

perspiration”. Maybe I can’t be an Edison myself,

I can be a hardworking learner. 1.worth2. imagination3. to4. inventions5. how

6. that7. many8. impresses 9. percent10. but

Test 16

June 26th is the (国际的)Day Against Drug Abuse and

to keep people fromdrugs. we all know, drugs are harmful to our health. drugs increases people’s heart rate and blood pressure.Drug takers may suffer heart attacks.It is easy for drug takers to become (对…有瘾的) to drugs,Drugs cost people much money. If they have enough . In that case they may (犯) a crime. When you see drug takers, youcall the police. Keep away from people who take drugsand don’t keep in touch with them.

Dear friends, let’s start fighting against drugs now and say yes to life and no to drugs.

Test 17

With the d______ of industry, air pollution is getting more and more serious. In Beijing, many people suffer different kinds

of illness because ________air pollution. Air pollution is causedby the following r________: about half of the problem is causedby _________(机动车辆). There are more and more cars, buses on the roads, and they give off p________ gases. 25% of air pollution is caused by factories. Another factor is the smokers.

Smoking not only does h_______ to smokers but also to others. _______ these, about 10% of the air pollution is caused by other reasons.We should take some _______(措施) to fight against pollution. New fuel can be used to take _____ place of gas. We can plant more trees. If everybody realize the i________ of environment and do somethingto stop pollution, the problem will be solved.

Test 17

1. development 2.of 3.reasons 4.vehicles 5.poisonous

6.harm 7. Besides8.measures 9.the 10. importance

Test 23

Internet is usually thought as a bad i_________ in children's lives, 1. ____________

which is all because there are many examples of students who

have _________ up their studies or even become bad as a result 2. ____________

of having got into the h_________ of surfing on the Internet. From 3. ____________ my point of _________, the Internet is not dangerous to children.4. ____________ Generally speaking, the ________(大部分的) reasons of my opinion5. ____________ can be listed as follows. To begin with, the Internet plays a very

important _________ in the modernization of our world. We cannot 6. ____________ keep up with the pace of the E-time without the Internet. In the

second place, the Internet can help us a lot if _________(适当地)7. ____________ used. Last but not the l_________, the Internet can entertain 8. ____________ us with funny stories, games, _________(文学) and so on as 9. ____________ relaxation thus we can combine study with joy. On the _________(基础) 10. ____________ of those facts above, we can reach the conclusion that the Internet is

not dangerous to children.

Test 23

1. influence 2. given 3. habit 4. view 5. major

6. role 8. least9. literature 10. basis

Test 25

Many students are active in school activities; they have their

reasons. F_______, they think that learning from textbooks is not their 1 __________ only task. They believe that they should take every chance to

get some ________(实用)knowledge. Secondly, they hold that2 __________ after long ________(小时)of study, they can relax themselves3___________ by ________ part in school activities. 4 __________

However, a large group of students take little ________(兴趣) 5 __________

in them and spends most of their time ________ studies. First, they 6 __________ believe that they s make full use of time to study. Second, 7 __________ they feel that school activities have little to do with their further development.

As far as I’m c________, I prefer the first view. On one hand,8 __________

we can learn a great deal from other students we meet in activities.

Besides, the modern society ________(要求)young students 9__________ of many qualities, ________ “book-worms” can’t keep up with the 10 times any longer.

Test 25

1 Firstly2 practical 3 hours4 taking5 interest

6 on7 should8 concerned 9 requires10 so

Test 26

As we know, the number of the traffic accidents has been

growing rapidly in recent years. We can have a clear idea about

the ________(危害) of traffic accidents from what we see.1 __________

Traffic accidents happen frequently and people s________ a2 __________

great loss from it. It c________ many injuries and deaths every day. 3__________ The(主要) reasons lie in the following aspects: First, 4 __________ the number of vehicles is increasing so fast ________ the roads 5 __________ are becoming more and more crowded; Second, there are still

many people who don't obey the traffic rules while ________(旅游) 6 __________ on the road. Besides, such actions as drunk-driving, over-loading

and speeding can also contribute ________ serious accidents. 7 __________

In my opinion, in order to solve the traffic problems, the

government should take m________ to improve the traffic 8 __________ conditions. ________ the same time, all of us ought to obey9 __________ the traffic rules ________(无论哪里) we are. 10__________ 1 damage 2 suffer 3 causes4 main5 that

6 travelling7 to 8 measures9 At 10 wherever Test 29

Harvard University which was founded in 1636 is the oldest university

in the United States. In the early years, few courses were ________(提供) 1 __________ in science, as little was known about it then. All the students studied the

same subjects, such as Latin and Greek. When the students ________, 2 __________ most of them became teachers ________ ministers. In 1782, with3 __________ the ________(发展)of medicine, Harvard University started its Medical 4 __________ School. Later ________(律师) 5 __________ could r________ their training at Harvard Law School. In 1825, Harvard began 6 __________ teaching modern languages l________ French. Soon it began7 __________ teaching ________(美国)history.8 __________ 9__________ and interesting subjects such as business. Today, Harvard has many

schools that deal ________ different fields of learning. 10 _________ Test 29

1 offered2 graduated 3 or4 development5 lawyers

6 receive7.like 8 American 9 as10 with

On the way home, Mathilde found that the necklace

was gone. She was frightened to (死) because it was too expensive for her. She and her

husband 匆忙) returned and looked

wherever she had been that night,

couldn’t find at all. What would they do? They

had to buy a diamond necklace exactlythe one she borrowed from Jeanne and returned it to her.

It them 36,000 francs. In order to pay off the debts, they

(遭受) hunger and cold day and night. Ten

Mathilde so old thatJeanne could hardly recognize her when they(碰巧) to meet one day in a park. It was thenMathilde found out the truth: the necklace she had borrowed

500 francs at most!Test 4

1.death2. hurriedly3. but4. like5. suffered

6. young 7. happened8. that 9. real10. only

TWO ANDROIDS — THEIR LIKES AND DISLIKES Brenda = B; Sandy = S Listen to the text. B: Hey, Sally, how are today? S: Oh, Brenda, I’ve been so _____ and ____ this week looking after the _______. I wish my programmer would let me work in a _______ like you. B: No, you wouldn’t. It’s so _______. We aren’t allowed to _____ while we work. S: But at least you don’t have ____ childrento run after _____ ____. They’re so ________. Listen again and fill in the blanks. busy tired children factory boring talk five naughty every day B: But at least every day is _________. I do the same thing for _____ hours every day. I sometimes feel _ _ my arm is going to

break. S: Oh, Brenda, you make me _____, you sound like a real ______. Come on. It’s a ______ day! Look at those flowers! They look so ______! B: I see people put them up to their _____.Why’s that? different eight as if laugh lovely pretty noses person S: They say that they’ve a _________smell, but I don’t know what that ______. B: Well, don’t ____ again. It made your chips go _____ last time. Just __________ that we’ll never be able tolaugh, _____, smell or eat food. But don’t feel ____! It’s a lovely day. wonderful means cry funny understand taste sad S: Yes, the weather is ____ and I’ve

been ______ to join the other androids for agame of _______. Would you like to come? B: Yes, I would. Running after a ____ is better than running after ___ ________!Let’s go!





On Thursday Mrs. Clarke locked the door and went to the women’s club as usual.

When she came home she sensed __61__ unusual. Had someone got in? The back door and the windows were all locked and there was __62__ sign of forced entry. Had anything been taken? She went from room to room checking and __63__ (find) her spare camera missing.

The following Thursday she went out at her usual time, but she just took a short walk in a park nearby, came home through the back door and settled down to wait and see what __64__ (happen).

It was 4 o’clock __65__ the front doorbell rang. Mrs. Clarke was making tea at the time. The bell rang again, and then she heard her letter-box __66__ (push) open. Picking up the kettle of boiling water, she moved quietly towards the door. A piece of __67__ appeared through the letter-box, and then a hand. __68__ wire turned and caught around the knob (圆钮)on the door-lock. Mrs. Clarke raised the kettle and poured the water __69__ the hand.

A sharp cry was heard outside as the wire fell to the floor and the hand was __70__ (instant) pulled back, which was followed by the sound of running feet.


Susan went to a boarding school. Here is one of the letters she wrote to parents from the school.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I’m afraid I have some very bad news for you. I have been very naughty and the school principal is very angry She is going to write to you. You must come and take me away from here. She does not want me in the school .

The trouble (start) last night when I was smoking a cigarette in bed. This is against the rules, of course. We are not supposed to smoke at all.

As I was smoking, I heard footsteps coming towards the room. I did not want a (catch) me smoking, so I threw the cigarette away. Unfortunately, the cigarette fell into the waste-paper basket, caught fire. There was a curtain near the waste-paper basket which caught fire, too.(burn) .The principal phoned for the fire department. The school is a long way from the town and by the time the fire department arrived, the whole school was (flame). Many of the girls are in the hospital.

The principal says that the fire was all and you must pay

the damage. She will send you a bill for about a million dollars.

I am very sorry about this.



When I was a little girl, every time my dad was repairing something, he

ask me to hold the hammer, and meanwhile, have a conversation with me. I never saw my dad drinking or taking a night out. All he did after work was taking care of his family.

I grew up and left home for college and then, my dad had been calling me every Sunday morning, no matter what. Several years later I bought a house, my dad painted by himself for three days in the 80-degree summer heat. All he asked was me to talk to him. But I was always busy, to find any time for conversation with him.

One Sunday morning we had a telephone talk as usual. I noticed that my dad had forgotten some things we discussed lately. I was in a hurry, so our conversation was short. Later that day came a call (say) my father was in hospital. Immediately I bought a ticket for a flight and on my way I was thinking about all the dad.

the time I got to hospital, my father had passed away. Now it was who did not have time for a conversation with me. I realizedlittle I know about my dad, his deepest thoughts and dreams. After his death I learned more about him, and even more about myself.


Susan: I’m so glad to see you, David. has been such a long time. How are you?

David: I’m fine, and you?

Susan: I’m just wonderful. God, time goes by so quickly! Are you going to the

air quality conference in Chicago?

David: I am. And I’m really glad to see you. Just last night I found your name

in the conference materials, but it didn’t come to my that

we would meet on the plane.

Susan: I’m afraid I haven’t had time to look at conference



ials very carefully. I had no idea you were coming, but I am

certainly glad to see you. I was feeling very nervous about going there friends.

David: I can imagine. My English has gotten not so fluent since I returned

from the States, I’m rather nervous myself. But I saw that


Susan: (frank) speaking, I’m scared to death about it.

David: I’m just giving a talk in one of the workshop sections, and I hope I

won’t make all of you (disappoint).

Susan: But your English is much (good) than mine.

David: But you’re now the Director of the Air Quality Institute, so you

know the technical terms.

Susan: Maybe. But I still can’t understand totally a lot of technical terms in my field.


Time flies! This is a third year that I have been in this school. In the past two and a half years, our school had organized many activities. What impressed me best was an activity called “Learning to Farm”. In an autumn afternoon, we were sent to a farm which we learned to plant potatoes. Having been in the city for so a long time, we were so happy to go to the countryside. After divided into three groups, we started to work. Some students cut potatoes into pieces; some dug holes, and the others put the pieces of potatoes into the hole, put the earth back and pushed them down hard. We continued doing that until all the work was done. Although we were exhausted, but we felt fulfilled on our way back home.

Last Sunday I saw a worst storm in years. It came sudden and went on

for over three hours. After lunch, I went into my room to have a rest. The air was hot, but all was quiet. Then a strong wind started to blow into my room. Pieces of paper on my desk flew high into the air and some flew out the open window. As I ran out to catch it, big drop of rain began to fall. When I come back into the house, it was raining more harder and harder. Then I heard a loud crashing sound from the back of the house. When I ran out to find out that had happened, a big tree had fallen down and broke the top of the backroom .

In recent years, more and more young people have joined in the NEET

group. They neither go to college or receive any training for future work and depend on their parents for a living. Most of us are aged from 16 to 30.

In my opinion, it is shameful for the young not to make their own

responsibility for their own life. Parents get old, how if someday they can not provide anything? Beside, society may break without the involvement of young people. Be independent is the key to success. The young generation should never forget that.

As is known to all that our students of today have to fix our attention

on our lessons, so we know few of society. A holiday is the best time and the best chance to make up for that. Take a part-time job is a good form of social practice. That we have learned in books and in class can’t have the

same important effect us as what we have learned through personal practice. In social practice, we can surely make a progress in both knowledge or practical ability. Beside, when we take a part-time job, we may got paid more or less to help our family. Thus, I will say senior school students should take part-time jobs in their holidays, if possible.

Dear Sir,

Last year I bought the refrigerator in your store on Hong Qi Street. We all like the shape of the refrigerator. Recently I have found anything is wrong with it. It begins to make a noise when it turned on. At first it is low but gradual it becomes louder and louder. To make matter worse, it even stopped working sometimes. We all feel disappointing. I am writing to you to ask for help. Would you please send a person to repair? I will at home this weekend. Please call me until you come here. My telephone number is 66065531. Thanks you very much.

Li Ming


61. something 62. no 63. found 64. would happen 65. when 66. being pushed 67. wire 68. The69. over/on 70. instantly

61.her 62.with63. any longer64.started65. to catch

66. which 67.burning 68.flames69. fault 70.for

61 would 62 since63 which 64 for65 unable 66 saying 67 missed68 By69 he 70 how

61. It 62. mind 63. the 64. without 65. so/therefore/thus

66. would give / were giving67. Frankly68. disappointed69. better

70. must


1. a改为the 2. had 改为has 3. best 改为most 4. In 改为 On 5. which改为where或前面加on 6. so 改为such 7. divided前加being 8. hole 改为holes 9. them改为it 10.去掉but

1. a---the 2. sudden---suddenly 3.but---and 4. out of 5. it---them

6.drop---drops 7. come---came 8. more ---much 或去掉 9.that ---what

10. broke—broken

1.去in 2.or—nor 3. and ---but 4.us----them 5.make---take

6.life---lives 7. how---what 8.beiside---besides 9. break down


1. As---It 2. our -- we 3. few---little 4.Take---Taking 5.That---What

6.effect on 7.去a8.or---and 9.Beside---Besides 10.got---get


1. the--a 2. anything--something 3. it去掉或turned前加is 4 .gradual—gradually 5. matter—matters 6. stopped—stops

7. disappointing—disappointed 8. repair后加it9. until—before/when

10. Thanks--Thank

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