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爱情作文篇一:英语口语作文关于爱情与婚姻Love and Marriage

1. Do you think marriages based on love are more successful than arranged marriages?

(1)Yes, I think marriages based on love are more successful than arranged marriages. We can’t be happy if we get married without love. Although arranged marriages will get the support of our parents, but marry someone we don’t understand is really terrible. Furthermore, arranged marriages have a higher divorce rate. In a word, marriages based on love are more successful.

(2)No, I think arranged marriages are more successful than marriages based on love. Our parents hope us to be matched for marriage(门当户对), it contains their love for us. What’s more? They have a lot of experience on insight into others, so they can’t be wrong.

2. Where do you want to go to prepare for your marriage? And (转载于:www.nmgsyfdc.com.cn 蒲 公 英 文 摘:爱情作文)why?

(1)I’d rather stay at home than going out for my marriage. Because it will save a lot of money for our future life. I wouldn’t like the life with no money to use after the marriage.

(2)I will choose to spend my honeymoons on travelling abroad. It is the most important days of my life. The beautiful scenery will become the most unforgettable experience of my memory.

3.what do you think of Qianzhongshu's words: marriage is the grave of love?

I don’t think so .Marriage brings responsibility to the couple, but it is not the necessary reason to destroy love. Many old couples’ love can prove all of this, the couples may have disagreements, quarrels after their marriages. But if they only put judgement on the things instead of complainting of others, the bad things will go away soon. Moreover , the relationship will become more intimate between the couples. The children are the achievement of love. With the child , the marriage becomes more beautiful.

4.Do you accept flash marriage? why or why not ? Yes ,because we can take the chance to have the person who you like very much at the first sight to be our partner in time .Moreover, as we all know in modern times ,time is a very important factor ,flash marriage saves much time compared to the common marriage .Meanwhile ,in correct time run into the right person is the most important ,and the speed of marriage is less influential in one’s happiness. Finally, whether the love of Marathon type can definitely understand the other party, can definitely promise marriage of last long happiness? Appearantly the answer is not.

No, Firstly, as in flash marriage we don’t learn much about the other

part , so in some degree the marriage will not last long, and the happiness very short ,but the harm it does to us can be very great . Also, some persons who are for the flash marriage may have the purpose of getting the partner’s property or some other benefits, so that kind of happiness is not true. when the other person find out that ,the emotion between the two person will be likely to break. Thus, the flash marriage may raise the rate of divorce, and make the society less harmonious. Last but not the least ,I am a traditional person and flash marriage disobey the tradition of china.

5.What are the important qualities in choosing your marriage partner?

A. Well, In my opinion, Be effort is the first important. That is, putting a lot of time and energy into the marriage in order for the marriage to become what we want it to be. Efforts will lead the marriage to a bright future. Then, supportive, I will be much more respectful of my wife if she support me without reserve. Otherwise, if I have difficulties I'll feel as though she's adding to my troubles. Third, be optimism is weighty too, when the family is facing something tough, Optimistic will help us to make it through.

6.What do you think is the reason which resulted the increasing divorce rate in modern society?

A. I think one of the most important reason is the financial situation. As economic developing, the personal incoming increase, the financial dependence become weaker and weaker, that lead the divorce rate increase. In the past or some poverty-stricken areas, where people live with low living standards, to live together will save more money than live alone, the divorce rate could be low. So, as economic situation improves, the divorce rate increases .



True LoveIn the beginning, love is always sweet.As time is slipping away, boredom, be used to, abandonment, loneliness, despair and cold smile will come gradually.Once being eager to stay with someone forever, later, we would felicitateourselves on leaving him/her.During those transient days, we thought we loved him/her deeply.Then, we got to know it is not love but a lie by which we comfort ourselves.

It is turned out that those who you thought you could not lose, actually, it is not very hard to forget them. You drained up your tears, there will be another one pleasing you.You had plunged yourself into a depression, finally, you found those who do not love you are not worthy of your sadness.Recalling those unhappy things, is it a comedy? When your wrong love

stops its steps, a brand-new world will be shown to you. All sadness will become history

For love, imagination is often more beautiful than reality. The same with meeting, also with separation. We thought we would have a deep love toward somebody. Incoming days will let you know in fact it just is very shallow, very shallow.The most deep and heaviest love must grow up with days.With love, two strangers can suddenly be familiar with each other that they sleep on the same bed. However, this two similar people,While breaking up, say, “I think you are more and more strange to me” It is love that has two strangers become acquaintances, then turning the two acquaintances into strangers again.Love is such kind of game which makes two strangers become lovers, then return them into the original situation.

开始的开始总是甜蜜的。后来就有了厌倦、习惯、背弃、寂寞、绝望和冷笑。曾经渴望与一个人长相厮守,后来,多么庆幸自己离开了?曾几何时,在一段短暂的时光里,我们以为自己深深的爱着的一个人。后来,我们才知道,那不是爱,那只是对自己说谎。你以为不可失去的人,原来并非不可失去。你流干了眼泪,自有另一个人逗你欢笑。你伤心欲绝,然后发现不爱你的人,根本不值得你为之伤心。今天回首,何尝不是一个喜剧?情尽时,自有另一番新境界,所有的悲哀也不过是历史。 爱情总是想象比现实美丽,相逢如是,告别亦如是。我们以为爱得很深、很深,来日岁月,会让你知道,它不过很浅、很浅。最深最重的爱,必须和时日一起成长。 因为爱情的缘故,两个陌生人可以突然熟络到睡在同一张床上。然而,相同的两个人,在分手时却说,我觉得你越来越陌生。爱情将两个人由陌生变成熟悉,又由熟悉变成陌生。爱情正是一个将一对陌生人变成情侣,又将一对情侣变成陌生人的游戏。



3 秦观鹊桥仙两情若是久长时,又岂在朝朝暮暮。

4 李白三五七言 相思相见知何日?此时此夜难为情。

5 佚名凤求凰·琴歌有美人兮,见之不忘,一日不见兮,思之如狂。

6 郑愁予 赋别 这次我离开你,是风,是雨,是夜晚;你笑了笑,我摆一摆手,一条寂寞的路便展向两头了。

7 李白三五七言 入我相思门,知我相思苦,长相思兮长相忆,短相思兮无穷极。 8 元稹离思五首其四曾经沧海难为水,除却巫山不是云。

9 曹植明月上高楼 君若扬路尘,妾若浊水泥,浮沈各异势,会合何时谐?

10 纳兰性德 虞美人凄凉别後两应同,最是不胜清怨月明中。

11 张籍节妇吟还君明珠双泪垂,恨不相逢未嫁时。

12 席慕蓉 一棵开花的树如何让你遇见我,在我最美丽的时刻为这,我已在佛前求了五百年,求他让我们结一段尘缘。

13 陈衡恪 题春绮遗像 嗟余只影系人间,如何同生不同死?

14 梁启超 台湾竹枝词 相思树底说相思,思郎恨郎郎不知。

15 徐干室思 自君之出矣,明镜暗不治。思君如流水,何有穷已时。 16 司马光 西江月相见争如不见,有情何似无情。

17 龚自珍 己亥杂诗 落红不是无情物,化作春泥更护花。

18 张先千秋岁天不老,情难绝。心似双丝网,中有千千结。

19 黄景仁 绮怀诗二首其一 似此星辰非昨夜,为谁风露立中宵。

20 李商隐 无题六首其三直道相思了无益,未妨惆怅是清狂。

21 李商隐 暮秋独游曲江深知身在情长在,怅望江头江水声。

22 纳兰性德 摊破浣溪沙 人到情多情转薄,而今真个不多情。

23 李商隐 锦瑟 此情可待成追忆,只是当时已惘然。

24 张仲素 燕子楼相思一夜情多少?地角天涯不是长。

25 元好问 摸鱼儿二首其一 问世间,情是何物,直教生死相许。

26 李商隐 无题 身无彩凤双飞翼,心有灵犀一点通。

27 张可久 塞鸿秋兽炉沈水烟,翠沼残花片,一行行写入相思传。

28 徐再思 折桂令平生不会相思,才会相思,便害相思。

29 李冠蝶恋花一寸相思千万绪,人间没箇安排处。

30 苏轼江城子十年生死两茫茫,不思量,自难忘,千里孤坟,无处话凄凉。 31 佚名诗经·唐风·绸缪 今夕何夕,见此良人。

32 白居易 长恨歌天长地久有时尽,此恨绵绵无绝期。

33 白居易 长恨歌在天愿作比翼鸟,在地愿为连理枝。

34 文廷式 蝶恋花重叠泪痕缄锦字,人生只有情难死。

35 曹雪芹 枉凝眉一个是阆苑仙葩,一个是美玉无瑕。若说没奇缘,今生偏又遇著他;若说有奇缘,如何心事终虚话?

36 李商隐 无题 春蚕到死丝方尽,蜡炬成灰泪始乾。

37 况周颐 减字浣溪沙 他生莫作有情痴,人间无地著相思。

38 欧阳修 玉楼春尊前拟把归期说,未语春容先惨咽。

39 佚名诗经·周南·关雎 关关雎鸠,在河之洲。窈宨淑女,君子好逑。

40 欧阳修 玉楼春人生自是有情痴,此恨不关风与月。

41 柳永雨霖铃此去经年,应是良辰好景虚设。便纵有,千种风情,更与何人说。 42 李之仪 卜算子只愿君心似我心,定不负相思意。

43 晏几道 临江仙二首其二 落花人独立,微雨燕双飞。

44 陈陶陇西行可怜无定河边骨,犹是春闺梦裏人。

45 辛弃疾 摸鱼儿千金纵买相如赋,脉脉此情谁诉。

46 温庭筠 更漏子三首其三 梧桐树,三更雨,不道离情正苦。一叶叶,一声声,空阶滴到明。 47 苏武结发为夫妻 结发为夫妻,恩爱两不疑。

48 聂胜琼 鹧鸪天


49 柳永昼夜乐

50 李白长相思二首其一

51 席慕蓉 印记


52 范成大 车遥遥篇

53 戴叔伦 相思曲

54 柳永雨霖铃

55 元稹遣悲怀三首其二

56 顾敻诉衷情

57 鱼玄机 江陵愁望有寄

58 李商隐 无题六首其六

59 乐婉卜算子

60 白居易 浪淘沙

61 温庭筠 杨柳枝

62 邵瑞彭 蝶恋花

63 晏殊玉楼春

64 曹雪芹 终身误


65 周邦彦 玉楼春

66 曹雪芹 红豆词

67 欧阳修 蝶恋花二首其一

68 冯小青 怨

69 朱彝尊 高阳台


70 贺铸横塘路

71 张泌寄人寻好梦,梦难成。况谁知我此时情。枕前泪共帘前雨,隔箇窗儿滴一场寂寞凭谁诉。算前言,总轻负。 天长路远魂飞苦,梦魂不到关山难,长相思,摧心肝。 不要因为也许会改变,就不肯说那句美丽的誓言,不要因为也许会愿我如星君如月,夜夜流光相皎洁。 鱼沈雁杳天涯路,始信人间别离苦。 执手相看泪眼,竟无语凝噎。 诚知此恨人人有,贫贱夫妻百事哀。 换我心,为你心,始知相忆深。 忆君心似西江水,日夜东流无歇时。 春心莫共花争发,一寸相思一寸灰。 相思似海深,旧事如天远。 相恨不如潮有信,相思始觉海非深。 玲珑骰子安红豆,入骨相思知不知? 忍把千金酬一笑?毕竟相思,不似相逢好。 天涯地角有穷时,只有相思无尽处。 都道是金玉良缘,俺只念木石前盟。空对著,山中高士晶莹雪;终人如风後入江云,情似雨馀黏地絮。 滴不尽相思血泪抛红豆,开不完春柳春花满画楼。 泪眼问花花不语,乱红飞过秋千去。 瘦影自怜秋水照,卿须怜我我怜卿。 锺情怕到相思路。盼长堤,草尽红心。动愁吟,碧落黄泉,两处难若问闲情都几许?一川烟草,满城风絮,梅子黄时雨。 多情只有春庭月,犹为离人照落花。

72 刘禹锡 竹枝词四首其二 花红易衰似郎意,水流无限似侬愁。

73 晏殊山亭柳·赠歌者 若有知音见采,不辞遍唱阳春。

74 范仲淹 苏幕遮明月楼高休独倚,酒入愁肠,化作相思泪。 75 陈叔达 自君之出矣 思君如明烛,煎心且衔泪。

76 苏武结发为夫妻 生当复来归,死当长相思。

77 陈蓬姐 寄外二首其二休言半纸无多重,万斛离愁尽耐担。

78 朱彝尊 鸳鸯湖棹歌 妾似胥山长在眼,郎如石佛本无心。

79 韦庄女冠子二首其一 不知魂已断,空有梦相随。除却天边月,没人知。 80 佚名涉江采芙蓉 同心而离居,忧伤以终

81 秦观八六子夜月一帘幽梦,春风十里柔情。

82 晏几道 鹧鸪天三首其一 从别後,忆相逢,几回魂梦与君同。

83 柳永雨霖铃多情自古伤离别。更那堪,冷落清秋节。 84 晏殊玉楼春无情不似多情苦,一寸还成千万缕。

85 元稹遣悲怀三首其三 唯将终夜长开眼,报答平生未展眉。

86 韦庄应天长别来半岁音书绝,一寸离肠千万结。

87 卢仝有所思相思一夜梅花发,忽到窗前疑是君。

88 卢仝楼上女儿曲 直缘感君恩爱一回顾,使我双泪长珊珊。 89 晏几道 鹧鸪天三首其二 相思本是无凭语,莫向花牋费泪行。

90 欧阳修 踏莎行离愁渐远渐无穷,迢迢不断如春水。

91 辛弃疾 鹧鸪天若教眼底无离恨,不信人间有白头.

92 曹雪芹 红楼梦引子 开辟鸿蒙,谁为情种?都只为风月情浓。 93 晏殊鹊踏枝明月不谙离恨苦,斜光到晓穿朱户。

94 白居易 长恨歌临别殷勤重寄词,词中有誓两心知。

95 陈端生 寄外 泪纵能乾终有迹,语多难寄反无词。

96 苏曼殊 本事诗还卿一钵无情泪,恨不相逢未剃时。

97 温庭筠 南歌子四首其二 终日两相思,为君憔悴尽,百花时。

98 晏殊鹊踏枝欲寄彩笺兼尺素,山长水阔知何处。

99 李煜清平乐离恨却如春草,更行更远还生。

100 晏殊清平乐二首其二 鸿雁在云鱼在水,惆怅此情难寄



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杨柳青青江水平,闻郎江上唱歌声。东边日头西边雨,道是无晴却有晴 无题

烟如丝,雨如丝 。






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“ 春日宴。绿酒一杯歌一遍。再拜陈三愿:

一愿郎君千岁,二愿妾身长健,三愿如同梁上燕,岁岁常相见 长干行 崔颢。







去年今日此门中, 人面桃花相映红。

人面不知何处去, 桃花依旧笑春风。







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